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For those of you who love what we do and you want to contribute to us for our work and efforts, we have various solutions. Whether you are a private individual or a corporation, we have a way for you to contribute.  Cold hard cash, products, time, or contacts, it is all valuable to us and listed below are ways you can add to THE HAT.

PATREON is the primary platform we use for those who want to contribute. You choose how much you want to contribute, and in return, you get access to extra content not found on YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform. You can pay by the episode, monthly, or a flat amount. Either way, you get the content and we get to know how much you appreciate what we do.

Paypal allows one time donations, or recurring donations. You get to decide. Click the logo to proceed with a donation in any amount you choose. You can pay with credit/debit cards or use an electronic check. But using this option will not get you any extra content found on Patreon.

Money is not the only way to donate. We bought an old boat that was not well kept the last few years of its life. Nearly every system needs to be refit, both inside and out. Maybe you have some worthy pieces you could donate or sell at a discount. Maybe you are a business with some excessive inventory.

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Time is the most valuable commodity, and you might wish to give some of yours. We do not expect the boat projects or the sailing adventures to end anytime soon. Good hands are always welcome. There could also be some land-based activities we need managed or some other types of assistance.

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Corporate sponsorship for those companies who might be interested would definitely be a big help. Shane has many years of sailing experience, as well as being an experienced marine systems service management provider. With opinions from both high level experience and our green crew perspectives, we can provide positive feedback (public or private) on your marine products. Contact us to see if there is a good fit for us and your products.

We also welcome the opportunity to work with a professional video production team. The fit will need to be right, and any opportunity is worth discussing. We have been contacted by production crews in the past for other non-sailing projects we were doing. Give us a shout, and let's see if we can work together.

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