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YouTube is where we post videos of our trials, tribulations, and travels. The videos are entertaining and free to watch.

A note about social media and us:

As a family, we have generally avoided having any significant social media presence. It has been quite limited until recently, and our young children are barred from having ANY personal accounts. It is not that we do not embrace what it has to offer, quite the contrary, it is that we do not like being the product. We do own and operate our own business related social media sites that serve our purposes.

So if you find us to be less than responsive on any social media platform, please understand there is a reason behind such decisions. For example, we will not answer personal questions outside of Patreon subscribers and we do not respond to provocations.

We prefer our social interactions to be face-to-face. We provide the majority of our social data on Patreon, and most questions get answered there - it is a paid service and therefore we are not the primary product. So if you feel like you are not getting enough Off Grid Sailing, head on over to Patreon and give it a try.

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PATREON is where we post the majority of our video content, photos, and extras. Subscribers get to see things you will not see on any of the other platforms. We offer great rewards to our subscribers.
Instagram is our favorite
Instagram is where you will find our most up to date information, though it may still be a few days delayed.
Facebook is used as an avenue for gaining more YouTube and Patreon subscribers.
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