A native Texan, Shane bought his first sailboat at the age of 23, and had zero experience sailing. That first boat was an old forgotten about 30' sloop that had been sitting in a parking lot in Virginia for 7 years before he purchased it and brought it back to life. After leaving the US Navy, he eventually made his way down the coast to the Florida Keys.

Eventually owning several other boats, two catamarans and a steel pilothouse lug-rigged schooner, they all took him along the US east coast and the Bahamas over a twelve year period. Ten hurricanes and tropical storms later, he sold his last boat and moved back to Texas, where he starting building catamarans, with the idea of eventually building one for his family so they could find their way back to the sea. But alas, the family catamaran was not to be.

Mostly self-taught as an adult, Shane educated himself on how to sail, do mechanical work, learned marine electrical and systems, and became a boat builder. His experiences led him to become a Marine Service Manager, writer, producer, graphic artist, and entrepreneur, as well as a husband and father to four children. Having been away from the sea for 14 years, the building of the family catamaran was abandoned (after thousands of hours of progress), and C'est La Sea was found and purchased.

Words he lives by: "You will never look back on your life and wish you had worked more."

Melissa, a well received honorary Texan, was born in St. Louis. Having grown up in a Houston suburb, she went off to college at Texas Tech University. Though no one is quite certain, it is believed that it was at University that she acquired the ominous "Don't Mess With Me" glare (aka: The Look). A combination of her upbringing, The Look, and a tenacious moral compass, led Melissa to a fulfilling career.


Having set her sights on the typical middle American lifestyle, she came to her doom when she met Shane, an avid sailor and dreamer. The conversion took some time, and is still in progress, but subsequent marriage, children, and talk of the sea has pushed her to a new adventure. Living on a boat and sailing is a proverbial leap off a cliff for Melissa, and takes her far out of her comfort zone.


"Nervous, scared, and excited," are now commonly spoken. But her unrealized ability to adapt and blossom in unfamiliar environments are noted and well founded. Her only sailing experience was two weeks on a bareboat sailboat charter in the BVI's for her honeymoon. Knowing that she is quite prone to motion sickness, she was hesitant. Several hours into a bumpy windward slog on the first day of the honeymoon, she asked her experienced captain and new husband when she would start "feeling sick." As Shane was already hiding his bought of sea sickness, he advised, "if it was going to happen, it would have already." Melissa is a natural born sailor, she just does not know it yet.

Words she lives by: "This cake looks like shit! FINE! WHATEVER!!"

Though Nya was born onto a sailboat in Key West, Florida, and spent about a year of her young life living and cruising on a sailboat, she has no recollection of that time in her life. But it must have made some type of impression on her young mind, because now all she has wanted to do is live the cruising lifestyle. Maybe even one day she will get her own sailboat, and spread her sails in search of new horizons.

She has been teaching herself about things that interest her, partially because she is like her father, but also because her parents insist. So far she has become a decent seamstress, going as far as to build her own prom dress from scratch and recently her own swimsuits, with her own money and materials she has chosen. Nya is also teaching herself to write.

Nya has her own social media presence on YouTube and a couple of other venues under "Wayward Saylor." You can search for her content there.

Words she lives by: "Huh? What?"

Brynn, way more smart than she needs to be, will quickly adapt to a situation and then undermine your intentions. This young girl has as gift for gab, and a volume to ensure every word she says is heard.

Having grown up fully immersed in the digital streaming technology age, Brynn is keen to produce her own video content. In order to not stifle her creativity and to hopefully give her an outlet, her parents have allowed her to have some creative input on a children's YouTube channel that is dedicated to education.

"Kids at Sea" is the name of the educational series she will be co-starring in with her younger brother.

Words she lives by: All words. This little girl likes to talk, even when no one is around.

So far, Barrett has not shown any fear of small places. He goes where long arms just will not cut it. He has helped build boats and learned early how to use a band saw and retain all of his digits.


When not spending time in small spaces or creating his own Lego creations, he likes to pass the time by annoying his older siblings. A master at pulling the ear splitting screams from his sister, he revels in the chaos that ensues.

Words he lives by: "I didn't do that! Brynn did it!"

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